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Only a fraction of the population are under chiropractic care and only a fraction of those under care are children. How can that be? It’s simply unbelievable and quite frankly astounding! Why do we think it’s all right for us as adults to address problems that have been accumulating for decades and then let the same thing happen to our children? It’s just like dealing with being overweight, heart disease, or high blood pressure issues as adults and we let our children do the same things that led us to the health issues we struggle with today. It is our duty as parents to provide the best possible start to our kids and that means making sure they eat healthy, brush their teeth and, of course making sure their spine and nervous system are healthy and aligned. Making sure their spines and nervous systems are healthy and aligned may not be a mainstream practice yet, but we are closer than ever before to making it the standard that every child has regular chiropractic visits continuing into adulthood. So, if you have been reading along you must be asking yourself when should I schedule my child for their visit? Today! right now! Why wait? Schedule a complimentary, initial evaluation for your child today, and give them this incredible gift of health and well-being. See you soon.

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If you or someone you know is looking for answers regarding their child’s health and are not satisfied with the answers they have gotten let them know about the Baseline Assessments that I do.Baseline assessments are done at my expense for all kids under the age of 15.

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