Ofek Family Chiropractic Reviews

Ofek Family Chiropractic Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Ofek Family Chiropractic

Dr. Ofek is a fantastic chiropractor! Why do I say that? I was in great pain when I 1st visited him several months ago. After reviewing my X-rays, Dr. Ofek created a plan to get me pain-free and back to enjoying my daily activities again. His adjustments are gentle and effective, always with clear explanations of what he is doing. The exercises he recommends have been very helpful.

Recently I was in an automobile accident that resulted in a setback but his diligence in getting me well is working.
I have seen many chiropractors over the last 35 years and Dr. Ofek is one of the best!

Bonnie B.

I would give 10 stars if I could!

Dr. Ofek is the best Chiropractor in town hands down! I have had back trouble since my teens when I was in a bad car accident and I had had to regularly go to the chiropractor since.

I stopped going for a few years and recently started back a few months ago since I heard about Dr. Ofek. He is so nice, professional, and takes great care of his patients! Ever since coming to him I am able to work out more, my recovery time is much shorter between workouts and I have a much better range of motion overall.

I just got a package of adjustments, so I plan on going to him for a while!

Caroline K.

Dr. Ofek is excellent. He takes the time to explain his process and you can truly tell he cares about your well-being. I came to Dr. Ofek to work on a shoulder issue as well as prepare for a VBAC (as recommended by my midwife). While I know anything can happen during childbirth, I feel confident in my body and its ability after seeing Dr. Ofek for my chiropractic care, and did I mention my shoulder (after much suffering from long-term injury) feels better than it has for years?!

I highly recommend Amit to all of my friends and family looking for chiropractic care.

Maria H.

I've been visiting Dr. Ofek for a couple months now in preparation for a half marathon I'd been training for many months. With a fairly severe scoliosis curvature, I had problems with back and leg pain while running. I'm happy to report, Dr. Ofek not only helped me physically prepare, but he never doubted my ability to complete the half marathon...he even emailed me the weekend of the event with words of encouragement!

After the half marathon, we realized I had dislocated a bone in my foot, and I had been reduced to walking on crutches until I was able to visit his office. The moment he adjusted my foot, I was able to walk again, and over the course of several visits, I barely have any foot pain at all!

Dr. Ofek seems to genuinely care about his patients, the community, and the world as a whole, and I'm so glad to have found his practice.

Kristin B.

Dr. Ofek has cared for my entire family. He is compassionate, kind, and gentle. He helped me through a very rough patch of widespread pain and plantar fascitis following a cross-country move. Before seeing Dr. Ofek I could hardly walk without pain, and in a very reasonable time period, I was feeling much better.

My kids absolutely love him. The way he relates to children is fantastic. You can tell he remembers what it's like to be a kid and can relate to them on their level. All while being completely professional and still able to relate to their parents. It's hard to explain but it's amazing to watch.

I highly recommend Dr. Ofek. Especially if you want to take your entire family to the same doctor. He is a skilled practitioner and a really great person.

Amy G.

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