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Our Team at Ofek Family Chiropractic


Ofek Family Chiropractic provides the highest quality, professional and compassionate chiropractic care to ensure that you and your family are in good health.

Meet the team

Our team at Ofek Family Chiropractic ensures that our expertise unlocks your body's natural healing process for a better lifestyle through chiropractic care. Check out our highly-trained team of professional doctors and staff below.

Meet the Team

Dr. Amit Ofek​​​​​​​


Hey, my name is Dr. Amit Ofek and I am the owner and sole chiropractor at Ofek Chiropractic. I live in Smyrna, Georgia with my wife, two sons and a big, black poodle named Kobi.

I grew up in Israel and still have three sisters there and 12 nieces and nephews. After finishing my military service at the special forces, I decided to travel the world to Perú, Bolivia, USA 🇺🇸 and even worked in the French Riviera as a private security for a few months.

I ended up in Michigan, where my wife is from. I did my bachelors of sciences there, and then transferred to Marietta, Georgia to start my doctor of chiropractic degree at Life University. I’ve been practicing for over a decade now in Smyrna, Georgia.

I love what I do and enjoy every day providing chiropractic care to my community. I decided to specialize in family care, specifically prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. We welcome everyone to experience what we offer and use all sorts of approaches to accommodate individual needs accordingly.

I enjoy exercising, gardening, and building things from wood 🪵. During the pandemic, I decided to add eight chickens to our family and build a coop for them. My spirit animal is a sugar glider.

Aubrey Payne


Hi! My name is Aubrey and I’m the afternoon office assistant to Dr. Ofek. My husband’s job moved us to Smyrna in 2019 from Pittsburgh, PA. I started care with Dr. Ofek within the first month of living here, as chiropractic has always been a part of my wellness routine. In the midst of the pandemic and the cruel year that was 2020, I developed a brain tumor that turned out to be a stage 4 glioblastoma. I had an emergency craniotomy followed by 6 weeks of cancer treatment, which Dr. Ofek helped me get through with weekly adjustments and encouragement. I began working at Ofek Chiropractic shortly after. I am so grateful to be here and really love seeing the transformations of our patients. I continue to follow a care plan with Dr. Ofek and learn from him daily. I love to workout and hike with my pup Gilmore and my sweet husband Mike. George Costanza is my spirit animal.

Allison Hardy


Hi, my name is Ali and I help Doc manage the office in the mornings. I was born and raised here in Smyrna. My sister is a patient and in 2020 Dr Ofek offered her a job to manage the office. She already had a job she loves but I was on hiatus due to covid measures so that's how I ended up here and began my journey with chiropractics. I played soccer for a long time and have had many injuries over the years so I can relate to many of the patients who come to us for injuries or chronic pain. During college I developed a chronic back injury and eventually had surgery. While that did eventually help relieve my most severe pain, it was unable to completely resolve the damage. When I began working with Doc in 2020 I also began receiving chiropractic treatment for the first time. It has been incredibly helpful for managing my pain and maintaining an active lifestyle. It also provided relief of frequent sinus congestion which was a nice surprise. I enjoy promoting wellness and helping people. My spirit animal is an ali-gator.

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