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Helping Others as A Way of Life
Every week we go to our religious services and talk about helping others and making the right choices in order to make a positive change in this world. These opportunities to help others are all around us, every single day from the obvious ones of helping an alder person cross the street to the not so obvious of abused person or child. When is it alright to take an action and say something or offer help and when not? Are we brave enough to do the right thing and take the action when necessary?

Helping others is easy, we don’t relay need to go out of our way as much as you think. Making a change could be smiling to others drivers in the morning or waving hello, or you could let someone pass you on the road and you could even leave a nice tip to your server. For me, its also about letting others know that life could look different with chiropractic. It’s letting them know that I can help with their child’s sickness, or their their health issues that is keeping them from being a happy and a socially active person. That is my way of changing the world and making a positive difference. That is my calling, but I encourage everyone I meet to help me on this mission. I know that together the impact is much bigger and truly changes people’s lives.

Halloween Event

Cristina Zuercher and myself will be hosting a Halloween event with lots of Halloween Family fun including amazing photo opportunities with pumpkins and lots more to do. I will be sending an email with time and date so you can plan in advance http://smyrnavintagefindings.com/
You are welcome to invite friends.

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