Stop Existing Start Living


Simply take action.

Hey everyone, it’s Monday morning and time to take on the week. Some of us are ready and excited to to get going but many of us, our loved ones, our families and co worker are not doing well AT ALL!!! WHY? Why do we choose to keep suffering and risking worsening of our issues?
Here are some of the best excuses I’ve heard:

  • Its not that bad

  • I can handle it or power through it

  • I had a bad experience with a chiropractor before

  • One of my friends had a bad story about chiropractic

  • My insurance dose’nt cover

  • Kids and chiropractic….is it safe?!!?

There are many more and I heard them all. Here is the good news, these excuses do not define what you choose to do right now and from now on! Literally every single person or parent that came to see me and had some reservations or prior notion about chiropractic was not only pleasantly surprised but actually became a huge advocate for chiropractic and referred many of their friends, family and co-workers. The hardest thing for us as individuals is to realize that it is up to us to change our reality, our health and even our mental state. It’s time for you to feel better! Call, text massage me but take action right now! or not, its up to you.

I hope this email helps you improve your life or the life of a loved one. This is what I love doing, helping other improve their quality of life and truly enjoy our brief stay on this planet.

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