Self Care Is Crucial – Specially Now

​​​​​​Self Care Makes All the Difference
Taking care of our health includes many things, one of them is self care. Self care means that you set aside time and take care of your needs as opposed to everyone’s else needs…sounds nice, huh? Self care serves to augment our physical and mental health. In turn, we are better able to care for our children spouse, family members, and friends. We all should have our own self care routine.Some may be daily self care rituals like the run I go on every morning. Others, maybe be a little less frequent. For example, in my house, every Sunday my wife takes time for a nice long bath, and I have my own time to chill and watch a good action movie. On Thursdays we also set aside time for self care. We all get adjusted; my wife, our son and I. Getting adjusted regularly is a self care ritual that is imperative to both our physical and mental health (If you’ve been getting adjusted for a while, you know just what I’m talking about!). Self care is incredibly important and health doesn’t wait for any of us. There is no perfect time to start taking care of ourselves, it’s always the right time. I hope to see you soon for your holiday self care adjustment.

December Specials
Baseline assessments for all children under 18 years old are at my expense.

Christmas on the Reservation
Thank you so much for each and every one of you who brought a gift for the kids on the Fort Peck native american reservation. They will have the best Christmas. Here are all your wonderful gifts in UPS on their way to Montana.

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Save hundreds of dollar$ in my office by doing this simple thing!
For every person you refer, you will get one adjustment at my expense. That’s $50 savings every time you let someone else know about chiropractic care and how it can help them. You can feel great about this because at the end of the day you will save money and you will have the opportunity to help someone you love live a healthier and happier life! That’s a sweet deal if I ever saw one.

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