On My Way To Chicago This Friday

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Hey everyone, I hope you had a blast over this beautiful spring (like) weekend. This coming Friday-Saturday 23-24, I’ll be in a chiropractic seminar in Chicago. Those of you who are long time practice members know that I am constantly looking to grow and better myself as a doctor so I can give you, my practice members, your families and our community the best care possible. There are new and exciting developments in health and new ways to increase and maintain high level of well being and it’s my job to stay on top of it. Unfortunately I will not have any time to go and explore this beautiful city as my Friday and Saturday are packed with classes. I will however be back Sunday to have some quality time with my family and ready to take over the world come Monday morning….well maybe not taking over the world but definitely helping lots people change their lives and health for the better. I will be available Tuesday and Thursday by appointments as well. Make sure to schedule your appointment accordingly and I will see you soon. ~Dr. Amit
Please Note that Wednesday 2/21 I will be out of the office between 8-9 am

On a different note, I am scheduling all my speaking engagements, Lunch & Learns, Workshops and Health fairs for 2018. If your company, club, social group, kid’s school, PTA, Child’s Sport team or otherwise are interested to learn about the most up to date and groundbreaking health related topics that can truly change your life, let me know. drofekdc@gmail.com

Thank you so much,

Dr. Amit

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