Migraines & Headaches, What You Need To Know

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More often than not, Headaches are a sign that something concerning is going on in our body. According to NCBI (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health),

“Migraine is a common, burdensome, and disabling disorder that increases throughout childhood and early adult life until approximately the age of 40 years, after which it declines. In 2005, The American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention center calculated that as much as 35 million of the US population had migraine” . (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Finding the underlying cause of the headaches or Migraines is crucial especially during childhood.

We all had a headache or two and unfortunately they are common. Usually the pain is temporary and mild. If headaches are more frequent and cause severe pain that is debilitating or affects our quality of our life it might be a more serious issue that need to be addressed.
Generally there are two types of headaches:

  • Migraines: typically individuals that suffer from Migraines will report that they may feel nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds.

  • Tension Headaches: Typically more muscular in nature and may appear as pain on both sides of the head.

Booth types of headaches can affect our quality of life dramatically. Often, individuals that suffer from these types of headaches will report vision issues, bodily function issues, as well as mood and personality issues.

Can Chiropractic help my headaches?
A major cause of headaches and migraines is neuromusculoskeletal in nature. Aligning the spine with spinal adjustments will reduce the pressure on the nerves that may be causing the headaches.

Often, muscular tension and nerve stress can cause headaches. Spinal adjustments can reduce the pressure on that system relieving the pain and tension in your head, Neck and shoulder. Spinal adjustments will help improve overall function in your body contribution to optimal health.

Often, when a new patient comes to visit us they do not have a headache on that day, should they still come in? Of course. The underlying cause is still there and unless we correct the problem it will often return. In order to prevent the problem from coming back, we will often recommend repeated visits and enough time to rebuild and strengthen the muscles in that area.

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(Please read the medical disclaimer below before doing any exercises suggested here).

About Us
About Us

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