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Multiple times a day we are asked by friends, family, even strangers, the simple question: “How are you doing?” For most of us, our immediate response is a bright, sunny, positive, “Great!” accompanied by a big smile. Not to be a downer, BUT… are you really doing great? Are you where you want to be in life, or even on the path? How is your health? Are you meeting your career and professional goals? How about your family life? If you don’t feel on track with your goals, are you actively doing something about it? If not, why not?

Life will continually challenge us and keep us on our toes It is up to us to choose how to respond. Do you want to respond with awesomeness, strength, and persistence? Or will you shrink back and pull the duvet over your head? In my practice, I often see people that settle for where they are in life, not because that’s what they want, but because it’s easier and takes less effort. Personally, I have a mentor, someone in my corner that guides me and is there to help push me forward, to inspire me to constantly improve and grow. in all areas of my life. This month on Friday, the 23rd I will be traveling to Boston to spend the day with my mentor. I will be working on all the things that I truly don’t like to work on, mentally, physically, professionally and more. You know what? It costs a bunch of money, takes time and effort, and I have to be away from my family. BUT, with that said, I know there is no other way to see the growth and success I want unless I put in the money, time, and effort.

Many people come to see me for help: athletes, parents, families with children with health issues (sometimes serious health issues) and they count on me to be there for them even through the most difficult times. THIS is my pleasure. Often, they tried everything else under the sun, and I am the last option they have left. Amazing things happen, miracles even, when we are willing to work hard, be uncomfortable and trust the process. So, I’ll ask you again, how ARE you doing? And, what do you want to do about it?

I am here for you and your family to guide you on your journey to your best health. I know that you, your husband, wife, sister, brother, child can get to a place where you can answer honestly that you’re doing great.

See you soon! Dr. Amit

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Pediatric Chiropractic Recommendations

I strongly recommend for all babies to have their spine and nerve system evaluated evaluated and adjusted as needed on a regular basis (as early as a few hours/days old). I check my son for misalignmenmts on a regular basis, and he gets adjusted on a regular (weekly) basis. Not because something is wrong with him, but because I want for him to be able to express his full human potential. This potential, the way we function, heal and think is abstracted and interfered with by spinal misalignments. My son, my wife and myself will keep getting regular chiropractic care as long as we are around.

Office Hours

Saturday hours 8-10am are available by appointment. Remember, the best time to start feeling better and taking care of your health and your family’s health is right NOW! If you, or members of your family have health concerns; please don’t hesitate to call me and make an appointment.


It that time of the year again when my office is fund raising for the Love Has No Color Project where we help kids on the native american reservations at Fort Peck and Wolf Point Poplar, Montana. These kids are leaving in third world conditions. Hunger, abuse, disease, high dropout rate from school, teen suicide rate higher than the national average and more. We have an opportunity to make a difference, actually over the past 11 years, The New Renaissance humanitarian efforts have done just that. We actually got to witness the teen suicide rate go down drastically over the past few years. More than anything else, we bring hope to these kids. We have fun days with them, we donate thousands of backpacks full with school supplies, donate food to the families on the reservation and refurbish old houses. This is all because of your donations. I will be posting more about this project in the coming weeks. If you are interested to participate please ask me how you can help.
One way to donate and learn in the process is through Crowrise

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If you’ve checked a few items on the questionnaire that cause you concern, I recommend that you take advantage of our complimentary Baseline Assessment


The major focus in my office is on kids and the health of their brains and nervous systems. I believe that every child has the birthright and the potential to be healthy and vital so they may develop to be a wonderful, healthy adult.
As a new father, I understand the special mix of concerns, hopes and excitement we for our children, their health and their overall well-being. Over the past 10 years I have dedicated my life to gain the knowledge and tools to help families raise healthy and happy children.

Over the past few years I have noticed a dramatic increase in cases of pediatric health issues. These issues vary drastically from emotional, behavioral and personality changes, to sensory integration problems, developmental delays, immunity, learning disabilities and more. These serious health issues are the daily reality to many parents in our community and many of my patients.

So many of these parents are unaware that impairment, or damage to the nerve system is not always about pain. It can cause subtle (and not so subtle) changes in a child’s development that can affect everything from personality and behavior to adaptation, creativity, and more. My mission and calling in life is to help these kids and their families regain their health and quality of life. As part of my effort to help my community it is essential that I inform and educate as many parents as I can about the early signs of nerve system dysfunction and the devastating effects it has on kid’s development.
We developed this incredible assessment tool (the colored wheel) so parents can recognize any health issues and take action early in their child development and improve the outcome. We’ve seen incredible results with these kind of issues when action and commitment were taken by parents. Call today to schedule this non invasive baseline assessment for your child. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes and it is at my expense!


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the answers that you are looking for. There are only a handful of chiropractors in the nation that are offering these baseline assessments and treatment for children. Watch the video to learn more.

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