How Chiropractic Improves ADHD Symptoms

Can chiropractic help my child with their ADHD?

Recent studies have found that kids diagnosed with ADHD/ADD that received chiropractic care “showed improvement in ADHD symptoms (ie, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness, as well as behavioral, social, or emotional difficulties) with chiropractic care. This provides supporting evidence on the effectiveness of chiropractic in the treatment of children with ADHD.” (, (

Other studies showed that “patients with ADHD may benefit from chiropractic care utilizing a combination of fullspine spinal manipulative therapy and nutritional supplementation.” (
In addition, in our practice we integrate unique nutritional protocols and very specific supplements to increase the success rates of our treatments and to ensure better and faster results. We work very closely with the parents and support every step of this process.

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