enjoy the weekend did you see our bowl

Enjoy The Weekend – Did You See Our Bowl?

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About Us


Did you have the opportunity to take one? I mean, did you take one of our inspirational words out of the famous bowl on the front desk? If not, no worries, simply pick one out after your next visit. Why not? These tend to be spot on what you need at that moment. For me, at the moment (but really always), it was Trust and Hope. What powerful words right? Many of the people I meet in our community can use Hope and Trust. Hope that their bodies can heal and get stronger and Trust in the process, that it can and will happen for them. Do you need help with your health? Take action, I am here for you and your family.

Have an amazing weekend.

Dr. Amit

We all have a choice how we choose to spend our time on this incredible earth…let’s make it AWESOME.

Umber Yoga

I am excited to introduce a new partner in our community, Umber Yoga. Make to check it out. Joan, the instructor, is incredible and an amazing person. Also, they have sweet deals.

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