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Hey everyone, I came across this interesting article in CNN about the increase in brain cancer, specifically Glioblastoma. This research was released Wednesday in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health. It states that some of the environmental factors could be the dramatic increase of cellphone use. The research that was conducted in England found that rates of this cancer has doubled between 1995 and 2015. It is important to note that the research was not about cellphones and the risk for cancer but rather about the “unexplained” increase. That said, it seems like cell phone use is the most likely environmental factor to cause this sudden increase. Although brain cancers are very rare we should still know how to prevent and reduce the odds. Number one thing we can do is reduce our cell phone use and definitely use the speaker feature or an earpiece (not the wireless ones). The Non-Ionizing radiation is the main cause of any tissue changes, thus, more distance between our brain and the phone the better. Kids today have many more years, then we did, to be exposed to this kind of radiation. Their craniums are not as thick as ours, and potentially could be affected more. In addition to these recommendations I would advise to stick with the recommendations I sent in the last newsletter about lifestyle changes like diet and exercise (Reduce your sugar intake is a big one). Obviously getting adjusted goes without saying. See you soon

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