5 healthy habits that increase life expactancy

5 Healthy Habits That Increase Life Expactancy


​​​​​​​Happy Monday everyone, I like to keep things super simple, it’s more likely that I will actually do them, specially when it comes to my wellness routine. This recent study, like many of its kind, states out the obvious but I think we all need these reminders once a while. So Here it is:

  • Never smoke

  • Maintain a healthy body-mass index (19-25)

  • Keep up moderate to vigorous exercise

  • Don’t drink too much alcohol

  • Eat a healthy diet.

I swear this is literally what they came up with (who is paying for this???). This study found that only about 8% of the population is following these recommendations and that the US is ranked 43rd for life expectancy (80 years old).
What they found for example, is that if you are starting to follow these recommendations at 50 years old you can potentially add an additional 12-14 years to your life expectancy.

Look, it’s all about balance, do these 5 things for as long as you can and make sure it’s sustainable, or basically don’t exhaust yourself or deprive yourself to much.

Here is a link to the CNN article that was published today.

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