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Ok awesome people, the holiday season is here and that means that we kicked off our LOVE HAS NO COLORCHRISTMAS ON THE RESERVATION 2017Gift Drive. Please watch the video and learn how you can help the kids on the Fort Peck Native American reservation. Seriously your ($10-$15) gifts will make a huge different to a little kid on this reservation. If you are new to Ofek Chiropractic and want to learn more about this incredible non profit humanitarian project, please read the content below and watch the video. Also please SHARE with friends. This year I made it so easy to donate a gift. Below is a link to an Amazon list of gifts, all you need to do is click and buy. The address is already in there. Thank you so much for your help.

About Us

LOVE HAS NO COLOR is dedicated to wiping out extreme hopelessness on Native American Reservations across the country. We are currently helping Native Americans on the Fort Peck Reservation in Eastern Montana. Love Has No Color is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. We do not simply hand out gifts and money to the Reservation; we provide programs and support to enhance and brighten the futures of each and every child. We help Native American children living in third world conditions right here in the United States. This is a partnership with the tribes, not a charity or handout. We help people to help themselves. We provide them with hope, self-esteem building activities, and many other tools so they understand there is life beyond the reservation. Time is running out for these people. The suicide rate for children is one of the highest anywhere in this country. We bring awareness to the wretched conditions America’s first people must endure. Once people witness the situation, almost 100% of the time, they’re eager to help out. You can actually see results and changed lives because of your involvement. Their needs go beyond poverty, crime, drugs, and obesity…they have had their human rights and dignity stolen from them. This is not a once-a-year mission where we are there for a short time and then leave. We are a continuous, integral part of their community. We have formed a partnership with the tribe.

Love Has No Color is a partnership with the Assiniboine/Sioux tribes to end extreme hopelessness for Children on the Fort Peck Reservation. With Chiropractic care for the children, youth fitness initiatives (like our street hockey rink and basketball court), and life changing seminars, LHNC is slowly changing the way that the kids at Fort Peck think about their future. We, with the help of The Tribe, restore the health, dignity, cultural identity, traditional values and hope to all on the Fort Peck Reservation.”

Lets do it!
Thank you so much
See you soon! Dr. Amit

Dr. Ofek talks about the LOVE HAS NO COLOR humanitarian project and how you can help the kids in Fort Peck native American reservation have an amazing Christmas.

Pediatric Chiropractic Recommendations
I strongly recommend for all babies to have their spine and nerve system evaluated evaluated and adjusted as needed on a regular basis (as early as a few hours/days old). I check my son for misalignmenmts on a regular basis, and he gets adjusted on a regular (weekly) basis. Not because something is wrong with him, but because I want for him to be able to express his full human potential. This potential, the way we function, heal and think is abstracted and interfered with by spinal misalignments. My son, my wife and myself will keep getting regular chiropractic care as long as we are around.

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